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Paul Cezanne - Forest
While Cézanne didn’t belong to a particular movement, he inspired and was inspired by a number of styles. Read our 3 minute guide to him.
Arthur Hovhannisyan - The Mountain
Appreciating art is what makes us human - and journalist Marion Dautry is analysing how and why we make a decision to purchase certain artworks
Bend the rules, try different things, fall in love
Henri de Toulouse-Lautre - At the Moulin Rouge, The Dance
The famous artist in 3 minutes: read about this incredibly unique post-impressionist, who became the biographer of Paris nightlife
The London cast of The Burghers of Calais
Rodin in 3 minutes: his sculptures, life and struggles
We are getting to know one of our first Serbian artists, Isidora Ivanovic, who talks to us about her detailed preparations and her need to create.
Pablo Picasso
Read about Picasso, his major works and legacy