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What Makes Artbeep Different

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Gia Bugadze - Morning Mystery

Artbeep is a unique concept – our next exhibition is in London’s Mayfair and our artworks are of equal quality to the neighbouring galleries but the prices are not Mayfair at all.

Using expertise and knowledge of local curators and technology, Artbeep connects the most exciting artists from all over the globe (including those originated from Southern & Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East) to art lovers worldwide.

Similarly, to traditional art galleries only selected artists get accepted to Artbeep. You have to be very talented to be approved. The difference is that Artbeep has no restriction on the number of artists to represent – every talented artist is welcome.

We put knowledgeable and passionate local curators in charge of selection process and have no expensive physical galleries. This, combined with technology, results in art lover benefiting by getting access to much wider selection of curated artworks at attractive prices.

Our local curators are the key difference between Artbeep and uncurated online art marketplaces, which work differently and often don’t do much other than providing online space to the artists. Such uncurated online sites often add hundreds or thousands of artists every month, get crowded and a talented artist’s work often gets lost. Artists need to market their artworks and portfolios, fulfil the orders and arrange shipping themselves.

Our curators live close to our artists and are in constant contact with them. They are experts in art and art history and able to make the art lover’s life and decision making easier by providing exciting selection of quality art, including artworks from previously unexplored regions of the world. We actively promote our artists online and offline to ensure visibility.

Erling Kagge, a famous explorer and art collector said, ‘Art is a luxury, but it does not have to be expensive’. We agree with that and aim to make art accessible to everyone.

Some other points about Artbeep worth noting:

♦ You can access Artbeep on any device and buy an artwork you liked in less than 5 minutes. The platform offers effortless navigation, easy search and flows smoothly from search to selection and the final payment (always using SSL encrypted technology to guarantee security);

♦ Artbeep events, available to our members, aim to enhance the online experience. Art lovers and collectors get the opportunity to see the artworks live and to meet artists in person;

♦ By merging best of online and offline elements we aim to achieve better experiences (in addition to providing wider selection of curated artworks at attractive prices) for art collectors and better marketing and logistics support for the artists.

We believe the artists should focus on what they do best - creating exquisite artworks. The role of Artbeep and our curators is to make sure the world gets to see them and the artists are rewarded for bringing more beauty to the world.

IMAGE: Gia Bugadze - Morning Mystery, (Georgia, 2005, Oil on Canvas, 120x170 cm)