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Sholpan Sharbakova Miller

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Sholpan Sharbakova Miller in her studio

ARTBEEP: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I am a dreamer who composes music on canvas.

ARTBEEP: Describe your creative process?

Well, it is something you cannot really describe in words. It depends only on my inspiration, so when it comes I cannot control it, just like a river that flows into you.

ARTBEEP: Who inspires you – favourite painters, writers, etc?

My favourite artist is Marc Chagall and I can endlessly look at his works. Speaking of Inspiration - it comes from different sources - books, music, interesting people, travelling... 

ARTBEEP: Do you think you works belong to a genre or can be categorised?

I would call it Abstract Expressionism.

ARTBEEP: Why do you create and what does it mean to you?

It means freedom.

ARTBEEP: Describe your philosophy and passion?

To love what you do and do what you love.

ARTBEEP: Do you need some special place / conditions to be able to work?

I have a small studio in my apartment. I usually work from there but if there is a something big I need to accomplish, then I try to do it outdoor.

ARTBEEP: What techniques, style and mediums do you use?

Mainly mixed media. I use many hues and always experimenting with colours, shapes and hidden rhythms. There is always music in my art, subtle but intense.

ARTBEEP: What are your future goals?

To stay as happy as I am now

ARTBEEP: Do you paint with music on or in silence? If you listen to music when you work, what sort of music is your favourite?

I listen to music when I work, it helps me a lot to be myself when I create. It is mostly classical or bossa nova jazz.

ARTBEEP: Is there painting you wish you had created and why?

Everything I wish to create I create.

ARTBEEP: If you could own only painting, what would it be?

It definitely would be one of the early works of Chagall.

ARTBEEP: What was the best advice given to you as an artist?

I think Art in general is a field where you can be yourself and stay yourself no matter what others say. There are so many examples showing how great artists and composers succeed whilst staying true to themselves and their art despite everything.

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