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Sholpan Sharbakova Miller in her studio
We talked to Sholpan Sharbakova Miller to get to know the artist behind the vivid colour patches of abstract expressionism
Maria Krivopishina studio
Abstract artworks are bright and dazzling, and figurative paintings – monochrome and sombre. Maria Krivopishina opens up to Artbeep about her creative process and philosophy
We are getting to know one of our first Serbian artists, Isidora Ivanovic, who talks to us about her detailed preparations and her need to create.
Marios answers our questions about his philosophy, influences and healing powers of art
Kostya August in the studio
Kostya tells Artbeep about his creative journey as a street and gallery artist
Suren Safar in his words
Suren Safar in a nutshell: The artist on himself
Necessary Evil | Annya Sand
Annya Sand: "Sometimes you have to sell out to get your work seen in the mainstream.”