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Maria Krivopishina

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Maria Krivopishina studio

Maria on herself

I’m a passionate, impulsive and stubborn painter, who consistently finds applications of my art in different aspects of life. I want my art to be as unbridled as my internal world, like the situations which often we find ourselves - ready to explode out of love or hatred. I release that feeling in my art. Creating for me is an opportunity to live the life I want to live. Without constraining myself with boundaries, prejudices and fears. To get pure pleasure out of the fact that you are creating. Most creative people have the same one motivation – their own Ego, the desire to leave a footprint and heritage after them. That your children and their children could point at a painting in museum and be proud that it’s their grandmother who painted it. Of course, we don’t live forever but everyone wants to prolong their life with their works.

On her philosophy

My philosophy is simple – I think that all people should take the best and give the best. To love fully once, to lose once and at least once change everything fundamentally. The main thing to get satisfaction out of it, and move, change constantly. Movement is life, and a beautiful movement is a beautiful life.

On her creative process

Probably everything in the world can be classified and an explanation or an alternative found for it, that’s why the lion’s share of my works are abstract in its purest sense, although my love of graphic art makes me merge those two very different styles with incredible results. I also tend to paint with materials, which are not commonly used. I mainly draw at night, when everyone is asleep, there is no noise and there is nothing which distracts me. I definitely need a special, ‘own’ space to create. I can’t relax or concentrate if I know my time to paint is restricted. Having own space means I can relax internally. My studio is in a building of a former airport, which subconsciously complements my love of travel and change. Solitude and nature inspire me, and after that, I’ll say music. There is nothing more beautiful and fascinating than watching the sunset. It seems like it holds life, and the warmth of bodies and souls.

On her style

I work in 2 different styles, abstract and figurative (graphics). In abstraction I pay attention to the colour, this is the first thing our senses are based on. The depth of the artwork is also important and that’s why I use enamel, and not oil-based paints – I just love the shine and brightness of that material, it can blow your mind if you keep looking at it. So I load all the moods in this style. My feelings and thoughts are left to figurative works – that’s why they are sometimes black and white, sometimes severe and dry, using pastel paints. I’m fascinated by hands, as they tell so much about a person – about their character, life and difficulties. They can be beautiful, clever, expressive, rough, sad or kind – hands, just like eyes, are the mirrors of our internal world.

On favourites

My favourite painters are Gerhard Richter and Egon Schiele, and favourite books are Russian and French classics.

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