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Paul Cezanne - Forest
While Cézanne didn’t belong to a particular movement, he inspired and was inspired by a number of styles. Read our 3 minute guide to him.
Looking at the increased demand for low and medium priced artwork
Sholpan Sharbakova Miller in her studio
We talked to Sholpan Sharbakova Miller to get to know the artist behind the vivid colour patches of abstract expressionism
The changing landscape of artfairs cover
Learn about art fairs - their historical development, participants, geographic locations and recent trends
Kandinsky - composition 7
Art in 3 minutes: here is our guide to Wassily Kandinsky, the pioneer of abstract art and a poet of colours.
Ivana Zivic - Plima
How museums and galleries make art accessible and compete with digital entertainment
Maria Krivopishina studio
Abstract artworks are bright and dazzling, and figurative paintings – monochrome and sombre. Maria Krivopishina opens up to Artbeep about her creative process and philosophy