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Enjoy a brilliant selection of quality original art and worldwide delivery. Our artists are carefully selected for their talent. Most Artbeep artists come from the regions of Southern & Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East. They are well known in their own countries and are collected by local collectors and institutions.


Our platform is gradually expanding and trying to establish a fair playing field. We seek professionalism from our artists, but their creative vision is their own. Our open approach and reliance on local curators makes Artbeep’s selection of work versatile, catering to all sorts of tastes.

Artbeep is always seeking new talent to collaborate with. As a contemporary artist, we know that it’s not easy to get your work out there as a contemporary artist. If you are looking for a unique and transparent place to share and sell your art, get in touch and become an Artbeep Artist and join our community of extremely talented artists. Our collaborations are built on transparency, trust and genuine love and excitement for creativity. We believe that every artist should have equal access to the art market, and that’s how we’ve built our platform.

At Artbeep, our team is always seeking to innovate our process. Please review our Artwork page and, if you, as a contemporary artist or an art lover, have any suggestions on how we can make improvements or the art purchasing process easier for you, please let us know.